Bright & Round

a bright round

Bright & Round panties make a festive mood and round your booty$20 36500 squats

"Festive mood even on busy Mondays"

"These lingerie sets were created for crazy parties"

"For women who are living in the moment"

"Bright & Round — holiday spirit that you can wear on"

"Unusual round booty lingerie cut"

Extremely roundSpecial cut rounds the shape of your booty
Highly volumelizedSpecial cut adds even more volume of your booty
Holiday spiritBe free of templates and conventions! Be bright, thrilling and just fucking awesome!
Fashion trendMore and more girls from USA and Europe, prefer bright lingerie instead of the standard black and white.
Delicate Italian materialsExtremely soft, comfortable and adorable to the touch
Perfect qualityDoesn't lose the color at all and saves the shape

My booty deserves it

Bright & Round lingerie is my gift wrap.
The gift wrap in which the most desired present is ME!

Marmalade Belladonna Bright & Round Lingerie SetMarmalade BelladonnaFemme Fatale - it's all about you in this extremely sexy set of marmalade, belladonna and black lace.Viewfrom $95 $71
Hibiscus Blueberry Bright & Round Lingerie SetHibiscus BlueberryBe elegant, bright and sexy at the same time in your new lingerie set.Viewfrom $95 $71
Raspberry Zebra Bright & Round Lingerie SetRaspberry ZebraBe bright even in a black golf when you are wearing Raspberry Zebra with a soft push-up.Viewfrom $95 $57
Carnival Mass Bright & Round Lingerie SetCarnival MassPaints of the carnival are flowing through your veins. You make the world brighter!Viewfrom $115 $69
Thorny Caramel Bright & Round Lingerie SetThorny CaramelBe contradictory in this bright set – thorny and caramel simultaneously.Viewfrom $115 $69
Ordinary Euphoria Bright & Round Lingerie SetOrdinary EuphoriaExtremely soft padding for the lift in this push-up with bright panty will make you enjoy the euphoria!Viewfrom $95 $57
Opium Mint Bright & Round Lingerie SetOpium MintYou are addictive in this poppy cheeky panty with mint mesh and soft push-up bra.Viewfrom $115 $69
Hypnotic Monstera Bright & Round Lingerie SetHypnotic MonsteraHypno-cocktail of monstera on the push-up bra and teasing panty. All eyes on you!Viewfrom $95 $57
Black Flash Bright & Round Lingerie SetBlack FlashLet your mood flares up with the variety of emotions – just don't be bored!Viewfrom $95 $57
Pink Oil Bright & Round Lingerie SetPink OilUnusual panty's cut makes lots of cheek peek and emphasizes your waist while bright details will make your day.Viewfrom $115 $69
Gift Card ₴1500Gift Card ₴1500It can be used in Bright & Round online store at any given time.View$55
Gift Card ₴2500Gift Card ₴2500It can be used in Bright & Round online store at any given time.View$90
Bright & Round

It-girls reviews

Ann SulimaModel

B&R makes cheeky shapes and slim waist

Sasha RaySinger

I love this bright unique prints

Kate SabeninaModel

I love this high quality and cheeky shapes

Tanya BobrikovaActress

I have not had such elegant lingerie ever!

Slava KaminskaSinger, NuAngels

Very bright and the one that really rounds!

Want it!

Bright & Round

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Bright&Round in UkraineB&R has just launched and has already turned the head of the bright girls!
New lookbook from L'Officiel Our first provocative lookbook was created by L'Officiel Studio.
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