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we could say that we create Bright & Round lingerie from the finest Italian materials and findings... by the masters of their craft... mostly by hand... laboriously... with love :) And we really do! But there is something much more important!

You have a f*cking bright life coming, which will be filled with both good and the best. There are no rules, are there? Boring people and things? But there is groovy music? Wild dances? Cruising for a bruising? Are there spontaneous decisions, which make great stories? Is there party mood?

If so, and if happiness cannot exist without you on this planet - that's your game, baby! If you are that girl, just listen how your new lingerie gently whispers in your ear follow your heart bitch... and take me to the party ;)

Bright & Round

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#brightThis is a favorite
bright lingerie of celebrities and young it-girls.
#roundThis lingerie rounds and emphasizes your body where you'd like to round and emphasize it.
#partyThis lingerie was created
for romantic dates, parties and your party mood.

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Bright & Round

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Ann SulimaModel

B&R makes cheeky shapes and slim waist

Sasha RaySinger

I love this bright unique prints

Kate SabeninaModel

I love this high quality and cheeky shapes

Tanya BobrikovaActress

I have not had such elegant lingerie ever!

Slava KaminskaSinger, NuAngels

Very bright and the one that really rounds!

Bright&Round in UkraineB&R has just launched and has already turned the head of the bright girls!
New lookbook from L'Officiel Our first provocative lookbook was created by L'Officiel Studio.
Kate PlakhotnaKate PlakhotnaCreator of the Bright & Round Party Lingerie
Marina PliasMarina PliasCreator of the Bright & Round Party Lingerie
Ladik KostandianLadik KostandianPublic Relations
AmnesiaAmnesiaWomen's clothing shopping storestore
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